Biological and Soft Matter Physics

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We model biological machinery in healthy and diseased states using approaches from soft matter physics and statistical mechanics. We are based in physics and biology departments, and work closely with experimental colleagues. Our current interests include cell reshaping and cutting by active filaments, protein assembly under chemical and mechanical gradients, and pathological amyloid aggregation.

Lab’s latest selected updates:

  • 11/21 We are joining IST Austria in Jan 2022 and have 2 postdoc positions available!
  • 09/21 Alex’s & Ivan’s work on durotaxis of passive nanoparticles is out in ACS Nano.
  • 03/21 Lena & Anne’s work on the physical mechanism for ESCRT-III-driven cell division is on bioRxiv.
  • 12/20 Johannes’s paper on amyloid nucleation on fluid membranes is out in PNAS.
  • 12/20 Andela selected as EMBO Young Investigator 2020.
  • 11/20 We artificially evolved membrane-reshaping structures, now out in Phys Rev Lett.
  • 11/20 How collagen got its stripes? Anne’s paper is on the cover of Biophys J.
  • 10/20 Billie, Kevin, and Miguel joined our lab as PhD students.
  • 09/20 Our collaboration with the Roux lab on ESCRT-driven membrane reshaping is out in Cell
  • 08/20 We developed a minimal model for archaeal cell division, with the Baum lab in Science.
  • 05/20 Our simulations on the cover of Nature Chemistry.