NEW: 2 Postdoc positions

We have 2 Postdoc positions in theoretical/computational  biological and soft matter physics at IST Austria, Vienna.

Two postdoctoral positions (initially three years each, with a possibility for extension) are available in the area of theoretical and computational soft matter and biological physics in the Šarić group at IST Austria, close to Vienna, starting in Summer 2024 or at any point after.

Projects projects are:
  1. Modelling cell division in bacteria
  2. Non-equilibrium reshaping of cell membranes in symbiosis

The above projects involve close collaborations with several experimental labs across Europe.

About you: Physicists, biophysicists, computer scientists, biologists with quantitative experience, engineers and others with relevant backgrounds are welcome to apply. No prior knowledge of biology is necessary. Please send your CV and a brief statement on why you’d like to join us and how your interests/skills fit with our research to a.saric AT

About us: We are an interdisciplinary group that develops minimal computer models of collective phenomena in living systems. Our research areas include functional and pathological protein assembly, reshaping of cellular and artificial membranes, and cellular trafficking. We use methods of soft matter and statistical physics, such as molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, and as of recently, interface them with methods of artificial intelligence. We are based in the interdisciplinary environment of IST Austria. 

The positions are available after June 1st 2024 and will be available until filled.